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THE SPEED DRYING COMPANY LTD is a subsidiary of Action Dry Ltd

Action Dry, an innovator and established Company operating in the UK damage mitigation sector introduced speed drying into the UK in 2001 undertaking numerous technical and difficult drying projects with the systems which performed well proving that hot air drying techniques were the future of drying flooded property and the most advanced systems available. (Request our free drying comparison booklet).

In 2005 Action Dry decided to alter and improve the US systems we were using to provide a more controllable, efficient and effective machine better suited to the UK flood damage and construction drying market.

Today Action Dry offer The SPEEDRY system instead of the original Water Out system. We now manufacture our own high specification machine producing higher airflow whilst using less electrical power (7amps) and significantly improved water removal potential any weather. The efficiency rating of our furnaces are 91.1% with emissions at 5.2% CO2 and 65ppm NOX. These emmissions are significantly lower than diesel oil fired hydronic or hydrothermic drying systems which must be considered highly pollutant in comparison. (Request Brochure).

We now believe our Speedry trailer system to be probably the “greenest” most efficient and controllable trailerised drying system in the UK with a capability of drying up to three adjoining properties at once. (Request our free drying comparison booklet).

Licenced territories are now available to vetted professional and expert, damage mitigation contractors. (Contact us if you require more information).

Our expertise in speed drying UK properties is unmatched by any other Company and we have currently dried more UK properties of all types with the system than ALL OUR COMPETITORS PUT TOGETHER.

To compliment our trailer mounted drying system now we have introduced a portable speed drying machine. The fully patented SPEEDRY portable (request a brochure) is the most advanced “dehumidifier” available. It is the first truly intelligent drying system with super efficiency any weather condition and a host of features which set it apart from refrigerant or desiccant dehumidifier technology and which have accepted inefficiencies in certain conditions often found in the UK.

It must be considered that the Speedry portable is the most important advance in building drying technology since the introduction of desiccant dehumidifiers over seventy years ago.

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