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Flood Damage Insurance

The Definitive Guide to Flooding – free e-book from specialist insurance company homeprotect.

At homeprotect, we believe that flood risk insurance should be available to the estimated 5 million people that currently live or work in moderate to high flood risk areas. This said – we also understand the importance of taking a responsible and proactive approach to flood preparation.

We compiled this guide, The Definitive Guide to Flooding, using information gathered from authoritative sources, to help promote responsible home-ownership and assist you when protecting your property against potential flood damage. Remember that no defence can be guaranteed to be one hundred percent effective, and you should always put your safety first in the event of flooding.

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homeprotect takes a fresh approach to flood insurance in the UK. We get actively involved in helping people get flood insurance, irrespective of whether their property has a history of flooding or is simply situated in close proximity to a body of water.

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  • Flood cover underwritten by AXA Insurance
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