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SpeedryThe Speed Drying Company

Domestic Drying

The Speedry trailers can be used to dry major water damage in any domestic property of any construction provided access and parking are available.

We provide fixed cost hire / drying quotes.

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Commercial Drying

Speedry trailer drying systems have been used to dry numerous flood damaged commercial properties up to 10 times faster and using less power than dehumidifiers.

Nationwide service.

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Construction Drying

We are experts in reducing the impact of water damage or construction moisture.

DO NOT RIP ANYTHING OUT until we have attended and advised, we may be able to save you considerable time and cost.

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The UK's Heat Drying Pioneers & Specialists

Professional Flood Drying & Water Damage Restoration

Experts in Construction & Commercial Drying

House & Property Drying Specialists

Tel: 0330 050 0330

Speedry versus Dehumidifiers

Speedry Convectant drying systems have revolutionised the drying industry. Their super all weather efficiency and success in limiting secondary damage, such as mould growth and strip out of structural component, has driven best practices in how wet properties are dried. Speedry Portable Convectant drying systems are now sold under the DRYMATIC brand and are available worldwide.

The Speedry trailer can quietly do the work of dozens of dehumidifiers all from one 13amp or 110v power supply.

The Speedry portable will do the work of up to four commercial portable dehumidifiers in average UK conditions using between 5 and 12.5 amps (taken from one 13 amp power socket).

About us

We dry properties thoroughly, first time, providing certificates of drying, surface hygiene and air quality.

Why customers choose us

Our expertise in speed drying UK properties is unmatched by any other Company and we have currently dried more UK properties of all types with the system than ALL OUR COMPETITORS PUT TOGETHER.

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