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Insurers Warning

When your home is flooded, your troubles can begin. Insurers suggest you call them first. There's good reason for them asking you do this, they want to use their own suppliers so they can control unit costs. This is a false economy and promotes unnecessary strip out and other practices which mean you will be out of your property longer than necessary. Don't let this happen to you. Call us now.

Examples of insurance led recovery

This is often to your disadvantage as those contractors, often working to unsustainable rates and the instruction of the Loss Adjuster or Building Repair Network regularly FAIL to observe or undertake works to the code of practice recommended in the British Standard PAS64 - Mitigation and Recovery of Water Damaged Buildings.

Download a free copy of our PAS 64 overview document.

Results regularly observed:

NOT NEEDED : Homes stripped back to the shell

NOT NEEDED : Drying times extended.

NOT NEEDED : Recovery & rebuilding costs much higher than needed.

NOT NEEDED : Increased environmental cost.

NOT NEEDED : Extensive mould proliferation from inadequate drying.

NOT NEEDED : Diminished air quality.

NOT NEEDED : Homes NOT dried adequately - and months later having to be reinstated a second time.

Such actions are often absolutely scandalous, shameful and usually NOT necessary. Any professional contractor (this includes Insurance appointed contractors) recovering your water damaged home should provide when appropriate:

  • A Certificate of Drying
  • A Certificate of Surface Hygiene
  • A Certificate of Air Quality


  • if the water was unsanitary
  • if they have used dehumidifiers and air movers to dry your home
  • if they have used any chemical treatment to disinfect or treat mould
  • if they have allowed mould to proliferate

Your property may be contaminated with unwanted and invisible substances. It's no longer best practice to just say it looks and smells clean - especially if a filthy river or mould has contaminated your home.

ACTION DRY and the Speed Drying Company PROVIDE SUCH CERTIFICATION - Call us if you need assistance or if you feel your Insurance appointed contractor has not come up to the mark.

Download - BS PAS 64 overview, workable risk assessment and contractor checklist.

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